Agave Victoriae-reginae

Queen Victoria Agave – A Beautiful Drought-Tolerant  Water-wise Succulent

Agave victoriae-reginae – ‘Queen Victoria Agave’ — This slow-growing agave has attractive deep green tightly spaced tapered leaves. Each leaf has white margins lining the spineless leaf edges,forming captivating geometric patterns, and a single small spine at the terminal point.

Queen Victoria Agave – Durable, Versatile & Low-Water-Need Succulent

This tough low-water-use succulent is not only attractive but it is also is cold-hardy down to at least 10˚F.  It does well as a container grown plant or direct planted in well-drained soil. It can be grown in full-sun or shade.

Agave victoriae-reginae is a small clump-forming succulent  which grows to a height of one foot and a width of one to two feet. It originates from Mexico. It only flowers once when it reaches a considerable age. At that time there will be a single tall spike which can reach a height of 15 feet bearing clusters of blooms ranging from red to purplish in color.

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