Pennisetum ‘Eaton Canyon’

Pennisetum ‘Eaton Canyon’ aka ‘Dwarf Red Fountain Grass’ —  is a very attractive drought tolerant grass with fine-textured narrow green to red-bronze foliage, and burgundy-colored flower plumes. It is also very popular due to its shorter growth habit, than many of the other grasses, meaning that this water-wise grass grows to only 18 to 24 inches tall, with flower plumes topping at about 30 inches.

A California-Friendly Low-Water-Needs Grass That Stays Compact!

Due to the nice compact nature of this California-friendly grass it is equally well suited to be,  part of a larger landscape, an attractive addition to a smaller garden, or used as a container plant.

Dwarf Red Fountain Grass does best when planted in full sun, with occasional light watering.

This plant is considered an evergreen when planted in frost-free areas with the roots being cold hardy down to about 20-25˚F. The plant will maintain a more desirable appearance from year to year when it is cut-back in the winter to early spring, even when grown in frost free areas.

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