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Plantenders Charming Nursery

Plantenders Nursery — A quaint gem hidden in rural Orange County, California.

Plantenders is a nursery with rustic charm located in the community of Silverado,which is nestled in central Orange county California, off of Santiago Canyon Road. It is more than just a full-service nursery and landscape center.

As you walk thru the grounds, you will be greeted by various pieces of machinery and equipment from days-gone-by, artfully displayed, alongside the inviting pathways of plants. The old-time charm creates a calming atmosphere that will give you the feeling that Plantenders is a place where you will want to spend a little extra time just relaxing.

NEWS FLASH:  Governor Brown signs 25% mandatory reduction in water usage for State of California.


Plant Nursery & Landscape Center Orange County California

Plantenders Nursery has a unique location. Although centered in Orange County California, it remains nestled in a rural setting. We have a map to our Nursery on our Contact Us page.

Plants with Extraordinary Service

We provide nursery plants for landscapers, contractors, landscape architects, and the weekend gardener.

We have a broad selection of plant material including:

Services we offer:

  • Consultant services offered for homeowners
  • Create customized plant specifications
  • Work with homeowners association plant palettes
  • Team with landscapers providing soft-scaping and plant selection matching client’s desire
  • Delivery

We are licensed and professional:

  • Licensed Contractor, C-27-692844
  • Bonded Employees and fully insured

Customer relationship built on Trust.

Relationship with our customers is built on trust in product line, trust in service preformed, trust in follow-through, trust we will still be there to continue serving you.