June 2015

Agave americana – ‘Century plant’ — This attractive succulent has silver blue-green  leaves and will grow to 3–6ft in height and spread up to 6–12ft  in width. While requiring a good amount of space, the  Agave americana is an excellent drought tolerant plant, tolerating both dry soils and drought. That being the case it requires [...]

Agave attenuata (Fox Tail Agave) – This beautiful agave has pliable leaves and  no spines so it is much safer around children than its spine-covered relatives. This succulent does well in full-sun or shade and can tolerate winter temperatures down to 25–30˚ F. The Agave attenuata is a good low-water need, drought tolerant plant. It [...]

Agave parryi — this  succulent has dense rosette of thick blue-grey leaves and tall cream-colored flowers tinged with red or pink in summer. It needs to be grown in full sun, in a well drained soil and kept at a dry to medium moisture level for best results. Agave parryi is a slow growing drought [...]

Agave salmiana ‘Green Giant’, aka Giant Agave – a succulent with a pleasing architectural form, thick dark gray-green leaves which curve inward and a massive structure which can grow up to 6ft tall and 12 feet wide. This succulent is drought tolerant with a low-water-need, perfect for Southern California. It should be planted in full [...]

Agave vilmoriniana ‘Octopus Agave’  —  This succulent gets its common name from the long narrow leaves that grow upward and twist back giving the appearance of an octopus with outstretched tentacles. The A. vilmoriniana has much to recommend it. It has beautiful blue-green spineless leaves that make it a better choice for walkways and for [...]