September 2015

Agave ‘Blue Glow’ – A small and beautiful member of the agave family, with dark blue-green leaves that have red margins bearing small soft spines along the edge and a single short red spine at the end of each leaf . This attractive low-water-need succulent grows to a height of 2 feet and width of [...]

  This photo-gallery post features some photos taken of before and after drought tolerant landscape projects in Southern California. Plantenders is located in Orange County, California. Plantenders provides plants and landscape design throughout the Los Angeles & Orange County region. NOTE — the order of the photos is actually shown in After & Before sequence. [...]

Agave am. var. medio-picta ‘Alba’ – ‘White-Striped Century Plant’ ‘White-Striped Century Plant’ —  a California-friendly low-water-needs succulent.   The ‘White-Striped Century Plant’ is both popular and beautiful.  It’s striking colors are a favorite of those wanting to add a bold look to their water-wise landscape.  This drought-tolerant Agave is a medium-sized century plant growing to [...]