Pennisetum ‘Eaton Canyon’ aka ‘Dwarf Red Fountain Grass’ —  is a very attractive drought tolerant grass with fine-textured narrow green to red-bronze foliage, and burgundy-colored flower plumes. It is also very popular due to its shorter growth habit, than many of the other grasses, meaning that this water-wise grass grows to only 18 to 24 [...]

Pennisetum rubrum ‘Purple Fountain Grass’  — is a very popular member of the grass family with beautiful maroon-purple colored leaves and graceful flower spikes. However its appeal is not limited to looks alone as it is also quite drought tolerant once it is established. This beautiful grass grows in compact clumps, and does well as [...]

Stipa tenuissima – ‘Mexican Feather Grass’ — aka Nassella tenuissima This attractive drought tolerant grass is well suited  for mass plantings due to how it dances in the wind with undulating motion even when there is moderate to light winds. The foliage is attractive with feather-like flowers that develop into golden brown plumes from June [...]

Tulbaghia violacea – ‘Society Garlic’ — Society Garlic,  A  Very Versatile – Drought Tolerant Blooming Plant The Tulbaghia violacea is a  grass-like blooming drought tolerant plant — although not a true grass, it is a popular perennial with bluish-green grass-like foliage with clusters of lavender flowers which  bloom throughout the year.  It belongs to the [...]