Pennisetum rubrum

Pennisetum rubrum ‘Purple Fountain Grass’  — is a very popular member of the grass family with beautiful maroon-purple colored leaves and graceful flower spikes. However its appeal is not limited to looks alone as it is also quite drought tolerant once it is established.

This beautiful grass grows in compact clumps, and does well as both a container and direct planted landscape plant. It does best when planted in full sun. Pennisetum rubrum grows to a height of 2 – 4’ tall and a width of 2 – 3’.

California-friendly & California-Safe non-invasive water-wise grass!

Purple Fountain Grass is a seedless cultivar considered to be a California-friendly plant both from a low-water-needs perspective and because it lacks viable seed, it is also a safe non-invasive plant variety.

For more information on selecting low-water-needs plants for your landscape be sure to contact us at Plantenders. We are located in the Santiago Canyon area of Orange County.

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